Lisa II / Mac
Apple LISA 2/10
A Piece of Computer History

The Apple Lisa was Apple's first project that featured a GUI (graphical user interface). At that time the Lisa was the only computer with a GUI on the personal computer market. The Lisa OS was very innovative featuring pull-down menus and it actually looked pretty much similar to the Mac OS. It cost Apple $50 million to develop the Lisa and $100 million to write the software, and only 10,000 units were ever sold. Unfortunately Lisa sold poorly due to its incredibly high price. The Lisa was relaunched after the release of the Macintosh as high-end Apple Macintosh computer (Mac XL). The Mac XL ran MacOS. Finally in 1986, the Lisa, Lisa 2 and Macintosh XL line was scrapped altogether, literally ending up as landfill, despite Steve Jobs saying, "We're prepared to live with Lisa for the next ten years."
Processor: 68000
Processor Speed: 5 MHz
FPU: None
Data Path: 16 bit
Bus Speed: 5 MHz
Level 1 Cache: N/A
Level 2 Cache: N/A
Slots: 3 Lisa Slots

RAM Type: Lisa Card
RAM on Motherboard: 512 KB
Minimum RAM: 512 KB
Maximum RAM: 1 MB
RAM Sizes: 512 KB
RAM Slots: 2
Minimum RAM Speed: N/A
Video RAM: None
Maximum VRAM: N/A
ROM: 16 KB

Floppy: 400 K (3.5")
HD: Yes
HD Size: 10 MB
HD Interface: N/A
CD-ROM: None

Serial Ports: 2
ADB: None
SCSI: None
USB: None
FireWire: None
Ethernet: None

Ethernet: None
Modem: None

Monitor: 12" built-in
Maximum Resolution: 640 x 480, 1-bit

Sound Input: None
Sound Output: 8 bit Mono

Machine Gestalt ID: 2
Power: 150 watts
Weight (lbs.): 48
Dimensions (inch): 15.2 H x 18.7 W x 13.8 D
System Software: LisaOS

Codename: Lisa
Introduced: January 1983
Discontinued: Autumn 1985
Sys - IO - board
2. RAM Board á 512 KB
CPU - board

Lisa II • 5 MHz

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