PowerMacintosh 9500
Power Macintosh 9500/200 riscPM9500-200
Logic Board Ports Power
Processor: 604e, 200 MHz
PMMU: integrated
FPU: integrated
Data Path: 64-bit, 50 MHz
L1 Cache: 64K
L2 Cache: 512K
2nd Processor: opt. PC Compatbility Card
Slots: 6 PCI
Notes: One PCI slot occupied by video card.
ADB: 1
Video: none
Floppy: none
Geoports: 2
Ethernet: AAUI, 10baseT
Mic Type: PlainTalk
Other Ports: Printer, Modem, Speaker,
Max Watts: 225
Amps: 9.00
BTU per Hr: 769.5
Voltage: 100-125/200-240
Freq Range: 50-60 Hz
Battery Type: 3.6V lithium
Soft Power: yes
Pass Through: yes
Memory Video Memory
Logic Board: none
RAM Slots: 12, 168-pin DIMM
Min - Max RAM: 16 MB - 768 MB
Min RAM Speed: 70 ns
RAM Sizes: 8, 16, 32, 64 MB
Install in Groups of: 1
Notes: 128MB DIMMs can be used, but have not been tested. Two identical DIMMs installed in corresponding slots may result in increased performance.
Resolution Video Memory
video card (2MB)
Video Memory
video card (4MB)
512 x 384 n/a-bit n/a-bit
640 x 400 n/a-bit n/a-bit
640 x 480 24-bit 24-bit
800 x 600 24-bit 24-bit
832 x 624 24-bit 24-bit
1024 x 768 16-bit 24-bit
1152 x 870 16-bit 24-bit
1280 x 1024 8-bit 16-bit

Notes: A video card ships bundled with this system.
Physical Software Storage
Introduced: 8/5/1996
Discontinued: n/a
Form Factor: PM 9500
Gestalt ID: 67
Weight (lbs): 28
Dimensions (in): 16.9 H x 7.7 W x 15.75 D
Addressing Modes: 32-bit
Orig SSW: 7.5.3
Orig Enabler: none
ROM ID: $077D
ROM Ver: $28
ROM Size: 4MB
AppleTalk Ver: 60.1.0
Mac OS
Notes: Maximum memory supported by System 7.5.3 is 1GB.
Floppy Size: 1.44MB
Floppy Inject: manual
Min. Int HD Size: 2GB
Int HD Interface: SCSI
Orig CD Speed 8x
Int CD Support: yes

PowerMacintosh • 120 - 200 MHz 

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