Newton MessagePad 130
Bulit-in organization functions

• Helps you plan monthly, weekly, and daily activities using the calendar, and manage priorities using the To Do List

• Allows free-form notes, outlines, lists, and

• lncludes custornizable narne and address
files for colleagues and friends, using
various business-card formats
Offers an assortment of information and
productivity tools such as time-zone maps,
a calculator, and currency exchange

• lncludes Pocket Ouicken (U.S. only), which puts current information albout your cash, checking, savings, and credit-card accounts at your fingertips

Built-in corninunications Actively assists you in making phone calls, faxing, printing, finding information, and sending and receiving electronic mail Uses an optional wired or wireless modem to send and receive faxes and electronic mail Prints tormatted letters and notes using Apple printers or serial or parallel printers with the optional Print Pack Lets you beam notes, messages, packages, schedules, and business cards via built-in infrared communications Backs up all data onto your personal computer and installs software on your MessagePad 130 using the included Newton Backup Utility

Expandable functions

• Using the optional Newton Connection Utilities, lets you import and export information trom your Mac OS- or Windowsbased computer, and backs up and synchronizes tiles with your computer

• Works with PC cards and serial perilpherals such as keyboards, moderns, pagers, and wireless communications and storage products

• Offers a large selection of productivity, finance, time and billing, information management, reference, electronic docurnent publishing, and entertainment software
The MessagePad 130 personal digital assistant (PDA) makes your information as mobile as you are.

It makes your information easy to communicate and easy to view. The MessagePad 130 runs the awardwinning Newton 2.0 operating system, and features user-controllable backlighting for on-dernand use and a nonglare screen that works in any lighting condition.

With its additional system memory, the MessagePad 130 offers improved performance with communications

solutions such as Internet Protocol (IP) applications and wireless LANs, as well as improved multitasking support.

It has a built-in notepad, to-do list, datebook, telephone log, and address file for organizing personal and business affairs, as well as Pocket Quicken (U.S. only) to help organize personal and business expenses.
You can enter information in many ways: as digital ink, printed text, handdrawn graphics, or with an on-screen keyboard. Improved recognition software quickly transforms your handwriting into typed text. There's even an optional external keyboard.

Pen-based navigation and data entry make finding information casy and fast.

The MessagePad 130 can receive wireless messages and alphanurneric pages, and can send and receive faxes and electronic mail.

It also lets you exchange information with either Mac OS- or Windowsbased computers using the included

Newton Backup Utility, or optional
Newton Connection Utilities and
Newton Press software.

Your MessagePad 130 can also be custornized with software applications that put critical information at your fingertips, no matter where you are.
MessagePad 120 med det Newton 2.0 operativsystem.
Batteri, backup program samt kabler til både Macintosh og Windows nedfølger.

Kr. 4690,00
excl. moms
Newton Reccoquition, Architecture

• Recognizes handwriting-printed, cursive, or a mixture of the tivo-with the assistance of a 93,000word, budt-in word list

• Lets you add up to 1,000 words

• Includes tour pop-up keyboards: typewriter,
nurneric, phone, and time/date

• Recognizes graphics and symmetrical objects

Newton Information Architacture

• Object-oriented database stores, finds, and links
information and provides a flexible view of this data

• Newton Toolkit lets you easily create custorn
applications using its flexible gralphical toolbox

• Architecture lets you easily share data across

Newton Cammunications Architecture

• Provides built-in support for serial communications, PC card moderns, sending and receiving faxes, and electronic Inail

• Provides a single interface for modular, object-
oriented communications services

• Provides improved perfofmance with Internet commu-
nications applications and multitasking support

• Supports new communications capabilities through
its modular design

• Supports Class Il Fax

Intelligent Assistance Architecture

• Helps users complete repetitive tasks in multiple categories, including communications, scheduling, tinding, and reminding functions

• Contains smart defaults to reduce complexity

• Works in and between applications

• Supports third-party extensions

MessagePad Hardware Architecture
ARM 610 RISC processor at 20 MHz
Apple custorn system ASIC
Low-power, firansflective LCD display with EL
backlight (320 by 240 pixels) 3.8 in. by 2.8 in.
(9.6 cm by 7.2 cm)
Nonglare ivriting surface
Telescoping pen
8MB of ROM; 2.51v113 RAM (1,1 99K ot system RAM;
1,361 K of nonvolatile user RAM)
One PC Card Type Il slot with 325 mA capacity
LocalTalk and RS-232-compatible serial port
Low-power, half-duplex, infiratred transceiver that
works at up to 38.4 Kbits/sec within 3.28 ft. (1 m)
Protective, rernovable lid
Communications capabilities
Prints using a variety of serial, parallel, and network

• Receives and stores wireless messages using optional
messaging cards*

• Communicates via e-mail or talps into on-line services and the Internet with optional wired or wireless modem cards and software

• Provides faxing with optional fax modem (autornatic
cover-page generation, post-formatting)

• Bearns notes, narne cards, appointments, and packages at up to 38.4 Kbits/sec within 3.28 ft. (1 m) using high-speed infiratred technology

• Autornatically dials phone calls with assistance from
intelligent auto-dialing (DTMF or modem dialing)*

• Connects to cellular or GSM phones for wireless data
and fax communications

Size and weight

• Length: 8.0 in. (20.32 cm)

• Width: 4.0 in. (10.16 cm)

• Height: 1.2 in. (2.9 cm)

• Weight: 1.0 lb. (0.48 kg) without batteries

Operating environment

• Temperature: 321 to 1041 F (01 to 401 C)

• Storage temperature: -4o to 11 7o F (-20o to 47o C)

• Transit temperature: -41 to 1491 F (-201 to 651 C) for
up to 72 hours

• Relative humidity: 20% to 90% noncondensing

Power requirements
Power adapter
Universal, 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Four plug comigurations: U.S., U.K., Eurolpe, and
Battery type: AA (LR6) alkaline or NiCd Battery Pack
Lithium cell: DL2032 (3 V nominal)
Butt-in fast charger for optional NiCd Battery Pack
Power source: tour AA alkaline batteries (included),
optional poiver adapter, and optional NiCd
Rechargeable Battery Pack

Cornputer connectivity requirernents

- Works with PC-compatilble computers with 80386DX or later processors running Windows version 3.0 or later Works with Mac OS-based computers with 68030 or later processors and system software version 7.1 or later

Printer support

• Offers butt-in printer support for Apple Laseffiriter Plus (and other PostScript-equipped LaserWriter printers), Personal LaserWriter LS, and Personal LaserWriter 300, as well as StyleWriter l and Il printers

• Works with most popular PC printers, including the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Il DeskJet 500, Canon BubbleJlet 1 Oe, and Epson LO and FX, using the optional Newton Print Pack

Fax machine support

- Supports Group 3 and Class Il Fax machines

*This service may not be available in all countries.

Apple`s produkter 1996 

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