MacBook Pro

Every Mac includes Mac OS X and a powerful suite of applications, all designed by Apple to work seamlessly together with the built-in hardware. Because Apple makes the whole machine, it’s much easier to bring dreams to life. Of course you should be able to record a conversation and post it online. With all the software included with your Mac, you can do that and much more — quickly, simply and with style.


World’s best value

Every Mac is constructed from top-quality hardware, seamlessly integrated with the software that makes it sing, Mac OS X Tiger. And every Mac comes with the latest version of iLife, for music, photos, movies, and now, blogs. With a free .Mac trial account, it’s easy to share your iLife online (1).

World’s most advanced operating system

Mac OS X Tiger sets the standard for what any modern operating system should include: a mail program, Web browser, address book, calendar, PDF viewing and creation, dictionary, thesaurus, faxing, iTunes, QuickTime, DVD player, text editor, text messaging, audio chat, video conferencing, font management, scientific and graphing calculators, sticky notes, phone and iPod syncing, VPN, chess, image capture and preview, task automation and free developer tools.


Mac OS X also drives the industry forward with innovations unequalled on any platform. Take Dashboard widgets. Utility software may exist everywhere, but nowhere else is it so beautiful. Or Spotlight, the system-wide search. Get your results before you stop typing.

Cards, books, calendars.

World’s most entertaining anti-productivity suite

Connect your digital devices with ease and turn the most mundane moment into a memory worth keeping forever. iLife ’06 lets you make movies and music, organise your photos, and give them professional flair with Apple-designed templates. Now you can make calendars, postcards (2), podcasts and blogs, too (3).