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The 64-bit Xserve G5
Xserve G5
Introducing the classiest 1U server with dual 64-bit processors. At speeds of up to 2.0GHz, Xserve G5 packs in the same G5 processor that powers the world’s third fastest supercomputer cluster.

The advanced G5 architecture provides an industry-leading front-side bus dedicated to each CPU as well as up to 8GB DDR SDRAM with ECC protection. That’s room enough to hold entire data sets in memory, whether you’re processing nanoscale electronics, rendering movies or caching websites. In addition, Xserve G5 features dual Gigabit Ethernet on the motherboard, which, combined with the point-to-point system controller, means you won’t get contention between your network traffic and other I/O.

HPC Linpack What you will get is performance rivalling much bigger iron. No matter how you stack it up, Xserve G5 knocks out the competition in everything from pure processing power to I/O throughput. For example, the Xserve G5's two double-precision floating-point units let it perform linear equations in LINPACK 8 percent faster than 3.2GHz Xeon-based servers and 50 percent faster than the 2GHz Opteron-based server. The machine simply blasts past others in its class that cost almost twice as much.

UNIX-based Power Comes Standard
Designed to deliver the UNIX-based strengths and cutting-edge capabilities of Mac OS X Server, this rack-optimized server offers phenomenal processing power, massive storage capacity — up to 750GB — and remote management tools that make it a snap to deploy and maintain. Add Xserve RAID, which holds up to 3.5 terabytes of data, and you’ll see why Xserve received the highest marks from Infoworld magazine for all of 2003.

Rack of XservesRack Them Up
At just 1.75 inches thick, the Xserve 1U form factor enables you to deploy a formidable array of up to 84 G5 processors in a 42U rack that makes the best possible use of the floor space in your server room or data center. The server units have been designed to fit industry-standard four-post and telco racks, and come complete with all the required mounting hardware — as well as the air ducts needed to efficiently cool the system.

Heavy Metal
The Xserve cluster node configuration is ideal for High Performance Computing (HPC) in scientific and technical environments, as well as for workgroup clusters and render farms. The G5 processor’s superscalar, superpipelined architecture supports up to 215 simultaneous in-flight instructions with a high-bandwidth execution core offering over 12 discrete functional units, including dual floating-point units and dual integer units, to process immense instructions in parallel — and of course, with 64-bit precision on 64-bit wide data paths. And by subtracting the components better suited to server tasks, Xserve cluster node delivers the lowest price per gigaflop in the industry.

Innovation Comes Standard
Each Xserve model features dual FireWire 800 ports, one FireWire 400 port, two USB 2.0 ports, an industry standard DB-9 serial port. You can expand the system using the latest 133MHz PCI-X expansion protocol with throughput of 2GBps. Add one full-length card running at 133MHz or 2 short form running at 100MHz. Blinking LEDs show you at a glance how your system is running. But when you’re down the hall or halfway around the planet, Xserve’s critically acclaimed monitoring and management tools let you keep your finger on the pulse of your network.

Mac OS X Server Robust Server OS Without Per-User “Taxes”
Xserve G5 comes with Mac OS X Server, the UNIX-based server operating system that gives you a complete suite of standards-based network services. You can serve thousands of users — without spending thousands of additional dollars in licensing fees.* Whether you have Mac, Windows, UNIX or Linux clients — or a combination thereof — Mac OS X Server provides cross-platform support for native file sharing, as well as Apache web server and WebDAV server, POP and IMAP mail, ftp, QuickTime Streaming Server, DNS and DHCP — right out of the box. Windows, UNIX and Linux are not treated any differently, and will enjoy benefits that Mac users take for granted.**

* Specifications differ for Xserve cluster configuration.
Server Solutions
Xserve is ideal for file and print, desktop management, web, and media streaming services, as well as cluster computing. Learn more about applications and recommended configurations.

High Performance Computing
HPCwire, the journal of high performance computing, announced that Apple won 2003 Readers Choice Awards for most innovative HPC technology and price/performance honors for storage, hardware and cluster solutions.

“Apple Server Is Impressive”
“The Xserve definitely stands out in the crowd of rack-mountable dense server offerings,” writes Henry Baltazar in eWeek. “Its blend of functionality, usability and cost (when you factor in the lack of user license fees, which make NetWare and Windows systems less appealing) is unparalleled.”

Xserve RAID
Xserve RAID
The elegantly-engineered companion to Xserve. Xserve RAID is a cutting-edge, self-contained storage solution that holds up to 14 hot-swappable Apple Drive Modules — a phenomenal 3.5 terabytes of data — in a rack-optimized storage enclosure.

Hot-pluggable ATA/100 7200rpm drives 750GB of internal storage in 1U
Xserve offers three independent Serial ATA drive channels*, which can be configured with up to 750GB of storage per 1U server with an optional hardware RAID adapter for hardware RAID 0,1,3, and 5.

24/7 AppleCare
When your operation hinges on server reliability, you can’t afford downtime. To ensure rapid issue resolution for Xserve systems, Apple offers a comprehensive range of service and support options. And since both Xserve and Mac OS X Server come from Apple, you don’t need to spend hours on the phone with finger-pointing third-party manufacturers to figure out where a problem lies: AppleCare service and support products are as integrated as Apple’s hardware and software. One call can truly do it all.

Shake 3 The Render Farm for Digital Video
A rack of Xserve cluster node make the perfect companion for Shake 3 Qmaster. Instead of rendering on a local machine, the Shake render is offloaded by Qmaster to a background render farm across the rack, letting you continue working on a different shot. Shake lets you make the most of all the processing power you can get your hands on.

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XServer G5

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